What makes Google innovative

I was lucky enough to attend the first Information Science and Technology Christmas lecture at Tokyo University the other day and, although all the talks were interesting, I particularly enjoyed Kentaro Tokusei sharing Google’s ideas about innovation.

Kentaro Tokusei is currently Google’s Group Product Manager (and a nice guy, according to my colleague) and is clearly enthusiastic about the products his people create. Although, like many, my concerns about privacy increase with everything Google releases, it was still interesting to hear his 8 steps to innovation:

  1. A mission that matters
  2. Think big but start small
  3. Continual innovation, not instant perfection
  4. Ideas come from everywhere
  5. Share everything
  6. Data drives decisions
  7. 20% time
  8. Be a platform

Not much to disagree with there and arguably no real revelations, but still good food for thought. He finished with “Believe in the impossible and it can become true” – a suitable closing remark for a Christmas lecture.

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