Web conference blues

You know that lonely feeling, where all the hip web designers and developers gather at the coolest conference and you’re stuck at your desk? Here’s a song for those of us that miss out on all the glamour.

The original song, by the way, is Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash.

Video URL (with captions): www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_gAPRJmEWs


For your downloading pleasure, here are the video and audio–only files.

License is Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. If you need a media player, I recommend VLC.


I see the tweets a-comin’
They’re comin’ down the screen.
They’ve all got the same hashtag and I,
I know what that means.
It means I’m stuck here at my desk
and time keeps draggin’ on.
And the web conference keeps rollin’
all tickets sold except one.

When I was just a baby
my momma told me “Hey!”
“Always do things early or
you’ll regret it some day.”
Well I knew I should have booked
but I left it too late.
Yes, I missed the earlybird discount.
Why did I procrastinate?

I bet there’s web folks tweetin’
in a fancy conference hall.
They’re probably drinkin’ coffee
and talkin’ ’bout HTML.
Well I knew I had it comin’.
I know it’s not to be.
But those tweets, they keep on comin’
and that’s what tortures me.

If my boss gave me approval,
let me register online,
I’d jump on to the next plane.
I could still make it on time.
But I’m stuck here at my desk.
Here’s where I’m gonna stay.
I’ll just go right back to Farmville
and hoe my blues away.

2 thoughts on “Web conference blues

  1. Jeffrey G. Allen

    Awesome! I am a huge Johnny Cash Fan. Plus I had to miss two conferences I really wanted t go to because my boss wouldn’t approve the expense and I didn’t have the cheddar to pay for it myself.

    Keep it up man. You might also want to take a look at Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash. That one would be easy to rewrite to tech and web :) And if you decide you want some help let me know.. :)


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