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Watching videos on the Wii

Screenshot of the Wii Photo ChannelContinuing with the Wii theme, I found out how to convert videos so they can be viewed on the Nintendo Wii.

The Wii can show videos in two ways:

  • Flash videos viewed online in the Opera browser.
  • AVI files viewed from a memory card in the photo channel.

I looked into the AVI method as I have a 2GB SD card handy. It seems the Wii only supports MJPEG video files which, while compatible with many digital cameras, tend to be very large with a 100MB file giving you just a few minutes of video.

Good enough for short family clips, however, so thanks to Ubuntu user dolson who passed on the command for conversion:

mencoder ORIGINALMOVIEHERE.avi -fps 29.97 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mjpeg -oac pcm -vf scale -zoom -xy 512 -o OUTPUTVIDEOFORWII.avi

You need to have Mencoder installed first (it’s part of MPlayer) and you may need to change the framerate (fps) to 23.97 or similar if the audio is out of sync. Mencoder should accept any video format as input (i.e. FLV, etc.), not just AVI.

Similar to photos, you can have fun doodling on your videos or making puzzles out of them…

Widgets on the Wii

Just a quick note that may help widget developers.

The problem:
Your widget may work well on mobile and desktop and in the widget emulator, but the version of Opera used on the Wii is a very different beast and the emulator does not reflect its quirks. Not only that, you can’t download or transfer your widget directly to the Wii to see what needs fixing (or at least I couldn’t find a way).

The solution:
The version of Opera used on the Wii is 9.30 so to test compatibility, install Opera 9.27 on your PC and you should be OK to then fix and re-submit successfully.

The user agent string for the Wii browser

The Wii user agent as reported by BBClone.