Song: On The Web ♪

The other day Joe Leech tweeted that he’s “thinking about writing a sit-com about web designers. Best friends Mark Down and Rich Snippets and their hilarious adventures.” Well a sitcom needs a cheesy theme tune so here’s my crack at writing a short song for it. Now all we need are a script, location, actors, production staff…

Go to the song’s SoundCloud page to download, leave a comment, etc.


Monday morning, climb the stairs and reach my desk.
Inbox going crazy with so many change requests.

Just another day at our web design agency
Without the clients this would surely be
The perfect industry

We spend hours in front of a screen
Fuelled by sandwiches and caffeine
But it's worth it 'cause across the globe, our work will soon be seen
On the web

There's a new frontier
On the web
Nice bunch of people here
On the web
You can join us too
On the web
Yeah, it must be true
It's on the web, on the web, on the web.
On the web.


The globe icon in the cover image is from the wonderful

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