List of JavaScript charting libraries

Illustration of some chart styles.I’m looking to make some pretty JavaScript charts and was wondering which library to use. I’ve used Flotr in an Opera extension and played around with gRaphaël in the past, but I want to do a more thorough comparison. First step is to list all the charting libraries I can find, so here it is…

Open source

Minimal or no dependencies

Require general-purpose library (e.g. jQuery)

Not open source

A few links for reference

Some are a little out-of-date but they’re still useful.

11 thoughts on “List of JavaScript charting libraries

  1. Sekhar Saha

    No doubt its a nice list with proper categorization. Great work indeed. I would like to suggest you to add FusionCharts to your list. This is not an open source charting components but it works seamlessly across PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and a majority of other mobile devices. It works with both XML and JSON data, and can be integrated with any server-side technology (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails etc.) and database.


  2. Daniemon Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Sekhar.

    I hadn’t seen FusionCharts before. It looks like they used to use Flash but now also have SVG/JavaScript charts. Added to the list!

  3. Paul

    Daniel, you may also look at dhtmlxChart, a Canvas-based JavaScript charting library. It supports the main chart types: line, bar, pie, area, radar, and scatter charts. The library is distributed under GPL v2 (you need to buy a license to use it in a non-open source project). More info and demos:

    Although it’s a part of dhtmlxSuite, it’s a framework independent solution.

  4. Gorka LLona

    New web home for lib_gg_orgchart is I put here the old info: For those looking for a simple, open-source Javascript Organizational Chart library: I’ve just published lib_gg_orgchart. It uses a JSON input and draws the chart using Raphael. Take a look at the site for some examples and download. If you find it useful, please let me know. New version will come soon, fixing some bugs and integrating collaborator’s changes.

  5. Andrey Khachaturov

    Please also have a look at AnyChart JavaScript (HTML5) charting library featuring pure JS API – robust, superfast, cross-platform, cross-browser, simple (but still very flexible), responsive, efficient with all languages and data warehouses. AnyChart is a global leader in interactive data visualization, with more than 70% of Fortune 1000 companies among thousands of customers. Documentation:


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