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On vendor prefixes — An interview with Dr. Stanley Dards

At last, the existence of vendor prefixes, one of my pet peeves, is under the spotlight. Also at last, the fact that not all modern browsers are WebKit (shock!) is getting some attention.

I (personally) believe vendor prefixes cause more harm than the problem they were designed to solve, namely how to elegantly introduce experimental features in browsers. My belief is that a non-browser-specific prefix such as -beta- has fewer obstacles to overcome than other proposals. Having said that, there’s clearly no easy, one-size-fits-all answer but hopefully more awareness and public discussion will lead to a more plausible solution.

So far, there have been great contributions to the discussion from all sides. A selection of ones I’ve found valuable, but may not necessarily agree with, are listed here:

And as if that wasn’t enough, here are the insights of one Dr. Stanley Dards:

Incandescent bulbs and lumens

An incandescent bulb switched onI’ve been buying LED bulbs but am surprised at their brightness, or rather lack of. Manufacturers often write the equivalent in watts of incandescent bulbs on the packet but it turns out they tend to, er, lie. Quite a lot. With the current boom in LED bulbs, a trustworthy comparison table is what’s needed.

After a bit of searching, I found this helpful article published by the European Union:
Energy-saving lightbulbs – how to read the packaging

They confirm that measuring brightness in watts is now pretty much meaningless so instead, here are the lumen values you should look for when replacing your incandescent bulbs:

Incandescent bulb Lumens
25W 220-250
40W 410-470
60W 700-810
75W 920-1060
100W 1300-1530

Photo by Teodoro S Gruhl

List of JavaScript charting libraries

Illustration of some chart styles.I’m looking to make some pretty JavaScript charts and was wondering which library to use. I’ve used Flotr in an Opera extension and played around with gRaphaël in the past, but I want to do a more thorough comparison. First step is to list all the charting libraries I can find, so here it is…

Open source

Minimal or no dependencies

Require general-purpose library (e.g. jQuery)

Not open source

A few links for reference

Some are a little out-of-date but they’re still useful.