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Opera update: “Requires installation of untrusted packages”

On two separate installations of Ubuntu 10.10 I got the following message when trying to update Opera using Ubuntu’s Update Manager:
“Requires installation of untrusted packages”

Unfortunately, the only option available was to click the Close button with no help to fix the problem. Fortunately, there’s a solution, also on My Opera, that worked for me:

A couple of points to note:

  • You should add the Opera GPG key, as explained here:
  • The final
    sudo apt-get update

    doesn’t update Opera, but using the Update Manager again works with no error message.

Thank you Bùi Vĩnh Phúc!

UPDATE: Things seem to work again now so instead of following the instructions in the linked blog post, you should just be able to add the Opera GPG key (even if you’ve done it before) and update as explained above. Official information is here: