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Just a phone?

I don’t get all this fuss about just another phone. Maybe if I sing a song it’ll help me understand…

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My phone don’t give me presents
I know that Steve’s no peasant
Only ever has to give me
Apps for ever and for ever
My phone don’t give me presents
Turn it on when I get lonely
People tell me that it’s only a phone
I know it isn’t

My phone begins with an “i”
Lose it and I start to cry
I don’t care if it’s locked down
I just love those shiny round corners
So easy on the eye
It makes all my friends jealous
Makes them scream like girls as well as drool
Don’t ask me why

It’s a phone and I understand
It’s a phone that makes me feel like a man

My phone can cure disease
Fix social problems with ease
Global warming, it’s no biggie
World peace is not that tricky
My phone can cure disease
Vegetarians and feminism
It’s no match for fanboyism
Come on, why don’t you join me

It’s a phone
It’s a phone
It’s just a phone
It’s not just a phone
It’s a sexy phone
Oh, it’s more than a phone

It’s a phone
My life’s in this phone
My life IS this phone
Excuse me while I kiss this phone
It’s just a phone
So much more than a phone